Are Press Releases Still A Good Idea For SEO? Semalt Gives The Answer 

Table Of Content

  1. Introduction
  2. What are Press releases
  3. How to create a catchy press release for SEO
  4. Why Press releases for SEO (Are they still a good idea)?
  5. Final Thoughts

1. Introduction

One of the major concerns of website owners is how to drive traffic to their website. A website is only as effective as the number of people visiting the website. This search for traffic has led website owners to do a lot of unproductive actions that have cost them money without any corresponding results.

Contrary to what some people think, one of the simplest solutions to slow traffic is to focus on Search Engine Optimization (SEO). SEO can help you improve visibility and increase the quality of your search parameters such that your website will be easily detected on search engines when potential visitors go on search engines to search for specific keywords.

In recent times, website owners have leveraged the use of press releases to boost their SEO and generally increase the traffic on their website. While some see Press Releases as a thing of the past, others believe they are still relevant for SEO. So, should you use press releases for your SEO? Read on below for all you need to know about Press Release and SEO, and if using Press Release for your SEO is a smart choice. 

2. What Are Press Releases?

The idea of giving a press release is an old one. It leverages on channelling the curious nature of humans to a point of advantage such that you get them glued only on the point you want them to see in an article. 

A press release uses short, concise, and catchy word phrases or sentences to arrest the attention of readers to focus on points you want them to see. With a press release, business owners, journalists, and more recently, website owners have made themselves more visible and get the attention of their target audience.

Press releases are mostly done using short, catchy expressions with detailed but brief information on topics of interest. They are particularly phrased to be compelling so that anybody seeing them won't be able to resist paying full attention. Nowadays, press releases can be in written format, in short, audio captions or even videos. The end goal of which is usually to retain the attention of whoever is viewing.

3. How To Create A Catchy Press Release For SEO?

Most website owners are yet to understand how to leverage press releases for creating traffic for their website. The idea behind using a press release for SEO is to attach links to your website and create contents that will make readers or views click on your website for more comprehensive details. 

This means that press releases must have a high-quality backlink and many traffic from referrals who are users of channels. Backlinks work as a network with a lot of ripple effects on traffic coming to the attached link on your website. However, care must be taken when designing a press release to ensure that you grasp people's attention long enough to benefit from the ripple effects of backlinks in increasing website traffic. 

Here are a few tips on how to create a compelling press release for your website.

  • Announce To Retain Interest

This is arguably the first most important step when it comes to creating a press release. Your focus and time should be first to find a means to make your announcement in a press release something that will catch and retain the interest of your target audience. 

No matter how important what you have to say is, if you can't get your target audience's full attention, your efforts might become counterproductive. So, you need to design your press release in such a way that it can captivate your target audience. To achieve this, you have to either come with either innovative, ground-breaking, or very valuable news to your target audience. 
  • Your Headline Must Stand Out

An interesting content with a boring headline will make you lose traffic. This is because your headline is the first point of contact between what you have to say and the target audience who have to access what you have to say. So, no matter how interesting your content is, if your headline is not newsworthy, you will lose out on many potential website visitors in the long run.

Always try and Make your headline catchy, interesting, and as concise as possible.
  • Let It Be Short And Concise

As pointed out earlier, a very lengthy and wordy press release will do you no good at all. This is because people generally have a short attention span and your target audiences are no different. This is why you should learn to make your press release as short as possible. 

However, you must be careful and ensure that you don't miss out on giving important information in your press release; this can harm your SEO as well. A short but detailed press is a very good way to increase your backlinks and increase the traffic on your website.
  • Avoid Spamming Your Target Audience

Resist the temptation of over distributing your press releases. What you need to do once you have created a compelling press release is to locate one or two major platforms where your target audience are and then share it.

However, if you begin to share your press release on many platforms repetitively to the same target audiences, they may get tired or bored. Sharing your press release everywhere may be harmful to your goals; this is because oversharing can cause people to begin to see your message as spam and not the real deal. All you need do is to locate the right source and make sure that your press release is not sent as spam mail, so people don't think it is junk information.

4. Are Press Releases For SEO (Are they still a good idea)?

The direct answer to this would be Yes. This is because the main focus of SEO is to increase the number of visitors accessing your website. A rightly done press release will achieve this easily, without any hassles. 

Most SEO strategies focus on increasing the quantity and quality of traffic on your website by focusing on what is usually referred to as unpaid traffic. This unpaid traffic is derived from the optimized use of certain keywords that your target audience mostly search for on search engines.  

This is why SEO companies like Semalt use computerized algorithms to give a pattern of searched phraseologies that your potential class of target audiences will look for. They also locate the right search engine that will give you more direct traffic and boost sales. The result of using these strategies on your website and press release include the following:
  • Visibility

The reason why your website has had slow traffic before is because it has not been as visible as it should have been to the right set of people. These people should be your target audiences. What a press release does is that it draws your target audiences' attention and directs them to visit your website. 

As they follow the information on your press release, they will have to click on your website's attached link to get a more comprehensive knowledge of what you are talking about and refer more people via what is called a backlink. These referred people will also refer more people when they see your press release content, creating ripple effects on your website traffic.

2. Increase in Traffic

As you achieve more visibility, automatically your traffic increases as well as your backlink, which also helps you improve search engine rankings. Before you know it, you will gain a lot of traffic that surpassed what your website has ever witnessed before. 

This increase in traffic on your website is the end goal of most press release campaigns channeled at SEOs. It is quite impossible to follow the right steps in using SEO Tools and Press releases and not see an increase in traffic! It is no wonder that people who know this have continued to leverage the use of press releases for their SEO on their websites.

  • Increase Brand Awareness

This point is a subtle benefit of using press releases for SEO. The use of press releases often involves extracting brand phrases that represent brand images so that there will be short, catchy, but concise messages in the press release. What this does is that it allows your target audience to become aware of your brand. 

This makes the use of press releases for SEO a subtle way of promoting the brand image of whatever it is your website or brand is representing. Most business owners who are internet savvy have leveraged this over the years to build an image for themselves that have come to stay.

5. Final Thoughts

From the above, it is clear the press release remains a vital tool for SEO optimization. What matters is how you use the press release for SEO to your advantage. Using the information in this post, and with the help of an SEO website promotion agency like Semalt, you can create a compelling press release and engage your audience in a way that increases traffic, improve visibility and ultimately increase sales. Start today and watch the traffic on your website increase geometrically.

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